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Lawyers for Assange

Independent international legal observers of
the proceedings in the case of Julian Assange 

Lawyers for Assange

We, Lawyers for Assange, are an international group of independent lawyers and legal academics. We have been following the proceedings in the case of Julian Assange and have observed gross violations of his due process rights during this time as well as his right to health, right to life and right to be free from torture. We are furthermore greatly concerned about the wider implications of his prosecution for freedom of expression and freedom of the press, the cornerstones of any democracy.

Supported by over 170 eminent legal professionals and 19 lawyers' associations from around the world, we have presented our concerns to the UK authorities and called for an immediate end to the extradition proceedings and for the immediate release of Mr. Assange. 

Since being sent to the British government the letter has been endorsed by over a hundred eminent political figures, including heads of state, ministers and diplomats.

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