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Background Information

The extradition request issued by the US for the surrender of Mr. Assange is related solely to his 2010 publications of US government documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, US diplomatic cables and Guantanamo Bay. The publications revealed evidence of war crimes, corruption and governmental malfeasance.
Among them was the war crime captured in the infamous 'Collateral murder' video, in which US soldiers open fire on civilians with exploding rounds from an Apache helicopter and do not cease shooting even when the individuals are injured and attempt to crawl away. 
Noone has been prosecuted for this crime. Yet Julian Assange has been persecuted, smeared, arbitrarily detained and tortured for almost a decade in retaliation for his having exposed it along with other public interest publications.

Background documents

Much has been written about the Julian Assange case. The actual facts are rarely reported accurately in the media. For example, what the USA accuse Julian Assange of in their indictment. We want to eliminate this information deficit and offer facts about the case. Here we provide original sources of information on the basis of which every individual has the opportunity to form their own opinion. This enables not only a critical analysis of the media coverage, but also of our own point of view.